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created by alumo and Michael Young-Temple


Michael Young-Temple // Bass, Vocals, Tablas,

Djembe, Didgeridoo, Kaos Pad


One's perception of reality can be seen to be constructed by belief structures. Some choose to live in a perceptual tunnel, restricting their view of reality to one set belief system. Others choose to live in possibility with an awake and open state of being, living in a perceptual labyrinth, exploring possibilities, and always questioning. I try to keep my mind as open as possible and music is a perfect tool for me to explore, evolve and channel emotions, thoughts and observations experienced on my ongoing journey.


MIC // Drums


Life is a multi-evolutionary pathway to an uncertain end with each moment a sum of all previous transitions. I see music as an effective expedient to exhibit this transmogrification of character and consider this band to be representative of this route through time.

Thoby Davis // Lead Vocals, Guitars, Violin,

Handsonic, Singing Bowl, Udu


My aim in this life is to fill each day with rewarding, awakening joyful experiences, growing and developing myself to face and confront the challenges of an uncertain future. Music for me is a uniting, awakening tool which can facilitate many forms of human development, bringing joy and meaning to millions. I am drawn to an ever increasing range of musical styles, however, I find myself constantly drawn to the more profound, spirtual compositions, seeking a depth beyond the mind and into the vast spaciousness of the soul. For me, this band perfectly represents this depth of musical understanding.

Rob Miles // Guitar


Every seven years a natural cycle of regeneration occurs. As I approach my fourth progression, my journey is to explore endless possibilities, new sounds, different ideas. Remember to think.

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